5 Best Loudest Subwoofer Box Design For Deep Bass [Review & Buying Guide]

Want to feel every beat & bass of your subwoofer box? If so, then you must buy the best loudest subwoofer box design to feel the ultimate beats that will for sure make you groove to each of its tunes.

Besides, only the right one with the perfect size & enclosure can give you the desired bass extension while decreasing the sound interference. Hence, it is more than necessary that you pick the right one for you. Otherwise, ultimately it will be of no use.

Well, no worries. We understand your dilemma. That’s why to help you; we have all the necessary details regarding the 5 best loudest subwoofer box designs.

Are you excited to know? Without further delay, let’s hop on to help you finally arrive at the conclusions.

List of 5 Best Loudest Subwoofer Box Design

Product Image

Product Name



QPower QBOMB12VL Ported Car Subwoofer

Atrend BBox E12D Carpeted Subwoofer

Car Audio Single Subwoofer Stereo Sub Box

Skar Audio AR1X10V Universal Fit Armor Coated Ported Subwoofer Box

ATREND ENCLOSURES Bbox E12ST Pro-Series Wedge Shaped Subwoofer

After conducting an in-depth analysis, we have made a list of the 5 best loudest subwoofer box designs. All of the products are extremely good from their own perspectives. Have a look at the below list:

Reviews of 5 Best Loudest Subwoofer Box Design 2022

Having a beforehand knowledge of the product, you are going to buy always has an upperhand & it eventually helps you choose the right one.

So, if you don’t have any knowledge about this subwoofer box design, then this section is for you. It contains a detailed description of the top 5 box designs that are trendy in the market due to their superior quality & other various features.

Let’s begin:

Looking for something that will give you the loudest subwoofer box design with deep lows & big bass? If so, you will be happy to know that you have finally got the desired one. A perfect item to do some blast & have a wild party at your house with your friends & families.

Made of high-quality materials, this monstrous thing can withstand a lot of power, around 500 watts in the most graceful way possible, making you groove to each of the beats.


QPower QBOMB12VL Ported Car Subwoofer

Now for the looks, it will give you an aesthetic vibe wherever you place it. This is a product you will never regret investing your money into it. Besides, it comes with a premium quality spring-loaded terminal for offering a hassle-free subwoofer mounting.

Product Details

  • Speaker Type: Subwoofer
  • Recommended Uses: For Music Players
  • Mounting Type: Tabletop
  • Construction: 3/4″ MDF
  • Product Dimension: 36 x 22.5 x 14.25 Inches
  • Item Weight: 49 Pounds
  • Cutout diameter: 11 inches
  • Tuned to: 47 Hz
  • Finish: Black Bed “Rhino” Liner Spray



Final Verdict

If you are looking for a top-notch subwoofer box that will shake your floorboards in style, then this is the one to go for.

2. Atrend BBox E12D Carpeted Subwoofer

Precise, High-Quality Fit and Finish, this subwoofer comes with the ultimate Unparralled Shear Strength for tolerating even the hardest-hitting subwoofers with complete elegance. In other words, you will simply fall in love with its unrivaled sound quality.

This subwoofer box is the perfect combination of classiness & durability. Additionally, it comes with 2 subwoofer holes for ensuring a perfect fit for all the subwoofers installed.

You will also get a premium charcoal carpet covering the box.s external for protecting the hardwood material from getting any damages. No matter where you place this box, it will enhance the beauty.

Atrend BBox E12D Carpeted Subwoofer

To increase the durability, the manufacturers have used strong adhesive glue for holding the walls. And to make it more convenient, there is a shared chamber that lets you connect the wires between the subwoofers smoothly. 

Product Details

  • Speaker Type: Component
  • Construction: 3/4″ MDF
  • Product Dimension:30 x 13.5 x 13 Inches
  • Item Weight: 29 Pounds
  • Air Space: 1.01 Cubic Feet
  • Enclosure Dimensions:
  • Sub cut out: 11.125 inches
  • Mounting Depth: 13 inches
  • Height: 13 inches
  • Width: 30 inches
  • Depth: 13.75 inches



Final Verdict

If you are looking for a sturdy subwoofer that will give you the ultimate sound quality experience along with increasing the beauty of the area placed, then certainly, this box is for you.

3. Car Audio Single Subwoofer Stereo Sub Box

More air equals to more bass. This subwoofer box is the ultimate combo of low-price, simple & effective. It comes with a no-frills box to make sure that you get to use the full capacity of your car’s sub.

What makes this subwoofer box different from others is definitely is its versatility. Whether be it an older or newer model, this box just fits it all that too perfectly.

Thanks to its compact design, you can put it inside anywhere based on your convenience, without having t worry about its output. Why? Well, it is because the output will always be good, irrespective of its location.

Car Audio Single Subwoofer Stereo Sub Box

After all, you get everything that you deserve & pay for. Be it looks, construction or quality, this sub box is just amazing from all perspectives.

Product Details

  • Mounting Depth:15-1/4 Inches
  • Air Space:1.60 Cubic Feet
  • Product Dimension:19 x 17 x 14 Inches
  • Item Weight:17.7 Pounds



Final Verdict

Are you searching for a subwoofer that gives loud & thunderous beats & just fits perfectly with any model of subs? Then undoubtedly, this box is the perfect one that will meet all your requirements with flying colors.

4. Skar Audio AR1X10V Universal Fit Armor Coated Ported Subwoofer Box

Designed to be loud built to last- this subwoofer box comes with all kinds of structures to give you ground shaking beats that will leave your heads & body grooving.

The leading specialty of this subwoofer box is its armored coating. It comes with an extremely tough outershell that does not safeguard the enclosure but, most importantly, protects the subwoofer.

Skar Audio AR1X10V Universal Fit Armor Coated Ported Subwoofer Box

Now for the installation, you will be pleased to know that they are super easy to install, which takes only a couple of minutes to do the entire installation. All credit to its pre-wired terminal. Additionally, what makes it an ideal choice is the gorgeous black carpet finish that gives it a glossy & stylish look you will simply fall in love with once you set your eyes on it.

Product Details

Speaker Type: Subwoofer

Mounting Specification:

  • Front Baffle: 5/8″ MDF
  • Remainder of Enclosure: 5/8″ MDF
  • Volume:40 ft^3
  • Tuning Frequency: 38 Hz
  • Width:50″
  • Depth:625″
  • Height:00″
  • Cut-Out Diameter:375″
  • Mounting Depth:00″

Product Dimension:19 x 14 x 14  Inches

Item Weight: 24.25 Pounds

Speaker Size: 10 Inches

Chassis Size: Ported

Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty



Final Verdict

If you are looking for a tough & cool-looking subwoofer box that will guarantee you a deep, accurate & responsive bass output, then definitely this subwoofer box is the one for you.

5. ATREND ENCLOSURES Bbox E12ST Pro-Series Wedge Shaped Subwoofer

Pro tuned, wedge-shaped enclosure, High-Grade MDF Front Baffle, CNC Miter & Dado design and construction, this subwoofer box from ATREND comes with all kinds of features to withstand the deepest bass with total class.

Now for the construction & longevity, they are constructed using high-quality & durable materials to last for a long time, giving the same experience & service. This subwoofer box is soo good both in looks & performance that once you buy this one, you will never want to go for another one. Well, you can’t help it. That much good this box is.

ATREND ENCLOSURES Bbox E12ST Pro-Series Wedge Shaped Subwoofer

Besides, they also feature a premium charcoal carpet to go flawlessly with every car’s interior. So, if you are a person who opts for a catchy appearance along with performance, then this sub box is certainly for you without any second thought.

Product Details

Construction: 3/4″ MDF

Product Dimension:16.5 x 10.5 x 20.5 Inches

Item Weight: 14.77 Pounds

Air Space:0.7 Cubic Feet

Sub Cut: 11.125 Inches

Mounting Depth: 5.25 Inches

Height: 15.25 Inches

Width: 19.625 Inches

Depth 1(Bottom): 8.25 Inches

Depth 2 (Top): 5 Inches



Final Verdict

If you are looking for a subwoofer box that will go flawlessly with your car interior & will make you dance to its beats, then this is the ideal one to go for.

Final Thoughts

We have finally come to the last section of our article. Any of the above-mentioned 5 best loudest subwoofer box designs are extremely good in quality & will be every penny invested.

All of them are well-known for producing some deeper bass in your music & each enclosure kind creates a different type of sound effect & quality.

So based on your requirement & personal taste, go for the ones that match the most of your criteria list to experience the ultimate satisfaction & happiness by shifting your music to an upgraded level.

Why Should You Buy A Loudest Subwoofer Box Design?

Love playing on your subs? Well,

There are several advantages of buying the loudest subwoofer box design. And every subwoofer lover should buy one to make the maximum use of it.

Check out the below benefits that you will get upon buying one:

Power Handling

It is the most important thing for which you need a box design. Why? It is to protect your subwoofer from any damage they might encounter while playing any music at high volumes.

As a result, if you have a sub box, you will have nothing to worry about regarding its power handling. Just fit your subwoofer with the box & play music to your heart’s content.

No More Overheating

Like any other sound device, the subwoofer also needs proper ventilation, especially if the music is being played at high volumes for a long time.

Otherwise, if there is no adequate ventilation, then it can result in permanent damage. It is definitely one of the main reasons why you should purchase a box design.

Reduce Ground-Borne Sound

Box designs are designed in such a way that they lessen the ground-borne sounds by displacing the sound waves in another direction.

So, rather than having these sound waves bouncing around inside the sub box, these waves will just cancel them out, lessening the amount of sound produced.

Things To Consider While Purchasing The Loudest Subwoofer Box Design [Buying Guide]

Before picking a subwoofer box for yourself, there are some essential factors that you must consider.

After all, you will want not to invest your both money & time into something that is not worth it. Therefore, if you want a perfect one for yourself, make sure to look out the key features properly before buying one.

Don’t know which one to look at?

Well, no worries, we are here with all the essential things to guide you in the right direction.

Without further ado, let’s check them out:

Kind Of Enclosure

It basically means whether the sub box will be ported or sealed. Both of them have their respective pros & cons. However, based on the majority of the votes, people tend to like the ported enclosures over the sealed ones.

And the leading reason behind this difference is the ported ones give the low-frequency content, unlike the ported ones. On the contrary, sealed enclosures are good for those who like better SQ & Bass responses.


This feature is one of the most crucial things which you need to at. After all, the entire durability of the sub box depends on its construction.

If they are made using sturdy & durable materials, they will definitely last for a long time. That’s why it is more than necessary to lookat the materials.

Nowadays, a variety of materials are used in the making of the sub box. Among all of these, the most common material is the MDF (medium-density fiberboard).

The second on the list is the PVC materials. The specialty of this box design is they are lighter in weight, which makes the portability super easy convenient.

However, among both the materials, if you want to know which is the sturdiest one & will last for a long time, the vote obviously goes to MDF.

Not will is it extremely rigid & strong, but it also gives a lot of vibrations to make your heart dance along with the beats of your sub.


Size is another vital thing to look upon. That’s why make sure to crisscross the size of the box with your designated place size to avoid making any mistakes.

For instance, you are looking a box for your car, so definitely, you must pick a box design of deep bass that will comfortably fit into your trunk. On the contrary, if you have a sedan, midsize or compact car, then, in this case, a smaller one will do the work.

Now, for the bigger vehicles, such as a minivan or a UV, then in such scenarios, you will need a larger one with more airspace. So, based on your requirement criteria, go for the right size one. After all, the right one can only give you the desired outcome.


Sealed enclosures are smaller than the ported ones—making them a suitable pick for the small or mid-range vehicles, while ported ones come with two or more ports—ideal for the large vehicles usages.

Available Space

Larger volume, deeper bass output. It is like a basic tradeoff between the size & output. The port must be long enough for the comfortable passage of the air to work effectively.

Usually, most of the ported enclosures are set at a moderate low frequency to have a blast performance without needing much space.


Although this feature is not mandatory, yet the majority of people think the looks of the box matter a lot. And it should match with the interior to give a catchy appearance. So, if you too want a box that will go perfectly with your car audio system, then obviously check the aesthetics of the box.

Nowadays, you will find a lot of options to pick from as most of the subs, along with having great functionality & performance, are both stylish & cool looking. Hence, choose one wisely!

Installation Process

The smarter pick is always to go for a high-quality sub box that comes with easy installation. After all, you will not want to spend hours of your valuable time just doing the installation.

Frequently Asked Question: Best Loudest Subwoofer Box Design

We have found several people having tons of confusion regarding the loudest subwoofer box design. That’s why, to put an end to all of these, we have added this dedicated FAQ portion. So, if you too have any doubts lingering in your mind, have a quick go through the below most asked queries:

How much thick should be a subwoofer box be?

Generally, most of the subwoofer boxes available on the market are almost 5-8 inches thick. This range thickness is neither too heavy nor too light, instead durable enough to last for several years.

Can I place different subwoofer sizes under one box?

No, you should never do that. Rather always for the different boxes that are compatible with your subwoofer size. After all, you will not end up with some distorted sound & damaged subs due to all the high pitch beats & vibrations caused by all the extra spaces.

Does bigger box refer to deeper bass?

The larger in size it will, the lower it will hit. In other words, if you want to experience some really deep bass, then look at the box specifications & based on that requirement, go for the exact ones.If you wish, you can also go for a slightly bigger one too.

Which one sounds better among a ported or sealed box?

Are you confused about choosing between Ported vs. Sealed subwoofer? Don’t worry, Both are better from their different angles & thus vary depending on one’s requirement. Such as, ported boxes are better & produce louder sounds when there is more room for air, while a sealed box is a preferable choice if you like a more precise sound quality with no kind of rattling.

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